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“I look warmly at the December winters in my life, feeling all of their wonderful, furry, fuzzies inside, as I ribbon-rap my thanks to God for His increase of faithfulness, love, favor, fortune and blessings…at this year’s end finish line. The satisfaction in my smile is smithed with THE silver refiner’s fire, my cheeks aglow like the rose stemmed in my soul’s purified Gold.” ~ @Tracey007Bond

{Amazon Serial & Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author}

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#KOGGD the #Decadent edition is coming in 2018 soon as it cools off its ten-year dross…at Kingdom Of God Gold Digger Publishing with [http://PullPenz.com]

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Indie Author Valessa Winslow Announces Call For Debut Book Reviewer Submissions Online

Breaking News- Vale'ssa Winslow, CEO of Inspired2BTransformed, LLC. is Breaking News as anew shooting pr star client for Immediate Release at Beneficience.com PR Virtual

Indie Author Valessa Winslow Announces Call For Debut Book Reviewer Submissions Online

Copy of Copy of Valessa Winslow on Instagram - Authorquotes on purpose Vale'ssa Winslow is available for media interviews and press opportunities & more at email desk@beneficience.com (1

Pullpenz.com > So here’s a six-day opportunity to read and then submit your review the story of a debut book our newest indie author client, Valessa Winslow has written for publishing by September 2017. We’re so delighted to know that you have expressed an interest in reviewing Winslow’s debut title: Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now, that we had to share the call for book reviewers in the news today. All we need to get started is a CLICK on our blue link below, an email and some brief info.  http://bit.ly/2i0VALE 
You may BEGIN Reading & Reviewing Author Valessa Winslow’s “RAPE THE SILENCER: GOOD GIRLS DON’T TELL UNTIL NOW”
> > > CLICK THIS LINK http://bit.ly/2i0VALE


Valessa Winslow’s Pre-Release Download of her debut indie book: “Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now” is available in a pre-release copy for reviewing submissions online; in a six-day period to be conducted by Pullpenz.com

SAN ANTONIO – Aug. 22, 2017 — Valessa Winslow has launched her debut indie book title ” Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now” in a pre-release book draft download copy for reviews that can be submitted online for a 6-day period starting today on Tuesday August 22nd, 2017 at 10am CT thru Monday, August 28, 2017, ending at 10am CT.


Thanks in advance for your consideration for this opportunity. Once you’ve gotten started, we’ll reach out once more (by email) this weekend, just to see how things are going with your very special review. Should you have any questions or need help with our automated process, you may contact Ms. Winslow’s book consultant and publicist Tracey Bond by email to pullpenz@gmail.com, desk@beneficience.com; office phone number is {707} 271-6171 x. 1

Happy Book Reviewing with Best Regards, Tracey Bond for Author Valessa Winslow, CEO of Inspire2bTransformed.com

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