Words at Winter…KOGGD II preview from Pullpenz.com Executive Book Producer and Amazon Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author, Tracey Bond


“I look warmly at the December winters in my life, feeling all of their wonderful, furry, fuzzies inside, as I ribbon-rap my thanks to God for His increase of faithfulness, love, favor, fortune and blessings…at this year’s end finish line. The satisfaction in my smile is smithed with THE silver refiner’s fire, my cheeks aglow like the rose stemmed in my soul’s purified Gold.” ~ @Tracey007Bond

{Amazon Serial & Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author}

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#KOGGD the #Decadent edition is coming in 2018 soon as it cools off its ten-year dross…at Kingdom Of God Gold Digger Publishing with [http://PullPenz.com]

Media Inquiries:
Tracey Bond,
Beneficience Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills
Author Publicist of Record at eMail: Desk@Beneficience.com
Beneficience.com #VirtualPR #AuthorPR

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